What Are the Causes of Failed Insurance Claims? Check out the explanation below

What Are the Causes of Failed Insurance Claims? Check out the explanation below – As one of the prospective insurance customers, there are many things that must be learned. One of them is about insurance claims. Because it turns out, the claim process was a failure.

Of course, there is no insurance customer who wants his insurance claim to fail. Is it? So, for those of you who have wanted to buy an insurance product, it’s better to know this important thing first.

So that later, the claim submitted is accepted and disbursed quickly. For those who are curious about the reasons for the failure of the insurance claim process, please consider the following important points.

Insurance claims
Do you know that in the world of insurance, taking care of claims is an important thing to pay attention to, in fact, it has become a scourge in itself. And it turns out, quite a lot of people are afraid to use insurance just because of this problem.

Be it vehicle, travel, health, life, or other insurance. As a new user, or a prospective customer, you must be wondering, why is that? Then the answer is simple. Namely, because of the difficulty of making an insurance claim.

After all, this product is bound by law. So, the claim process cannot be careless and arbitrary. So, what are the reasons for the failed claim? Here’s the explanation.

Inactive police
The reason for the first failed insurance claim is that the policy is not active. In the world of insurance, it is called lapse. Thus, the company will not be responsible for any risks or losses experienced by customers.

That means, you even pay according to the selected premium according to the specified time. At least until the end of the grace period. So, try to always pay attention to the premium payment.

The claim is not in accordance with the liability clause of the company
For the second reason, the claim you provide does not include the liability clause of the company. For example, you claim a TLO car whose damage requirements are at least 70, 75, up to 80 percent of your vehicle.

However, when a minor accident occurs, you make an insurance claim. Of course, this is against the rules, and the claim is not accepted. Why is that? Yes, because the damage does not match the existing percentage.

The time has passed
In general, the company has determined how long the claim submission must be made from the time of the incident. There are 2×24 hours, 3×24 hours, or something else. Thus, managing the claim submission once the risk occurs.

The sooner of course the better. If for life insurance itself, usually the time limit given is for a month to two months. That means, if you make an application later than that time, chances are, the application was rejected.

Incomplete documents
Because the company is a legal institution, everything must comply with the rules that have been set, including for filing insurance claims. In filing a claim, there are various kinds of documents that must be prepared.

In which case, these documents will determine whether the submitted claim is accepted or not. Please note, that each insurance product has a different file. So as a customer, you need to pay attention to what insurance products are purchased. What is clear, pay attention to the policy as best you can.

In addition to the things above, there are several other reasons why an insurance claim can fail. And even though it is well cared for. Please access our other posts, yes. May be useful.

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