What are the benefits of Sinar Mas Car Insurance?

What are the Benefits of Sinar Mas Car Insurance – PT Asuransi Sinar Mas has been established since 1985 and has been providing various services to the people of Indonesia through its products. One of Sinar Mas’ superior insurance products is Sinar Mas Car Insurance. What does Sinar Mas car insurance look like and what are the advantages?

Sinar Mas Car Insurance
Sinar Mas Car Insurance or Simas Mobil is an insurance product of PT Asuransi Sinar Mas which offers 2 types of protection products, namely Sinar Mas TLO (Total Loss only) car insurance and Sinar Mas All Risk car insurance or combined benefits.

Sinar Mas Car Insurance TLO
Simas Mobil TLO (Total Loss Only) provides benefits in the form of repairs or compensation due to unexpected events listed on the insurance policy if the loss or damage to the car has reached more than 75% of the price of the car.

If damage or loss at risk occurs and it turns out that the repair costs have not reached 75% of the price of the car, then the insurance company does not cover the repair costs.

Sinar Mas All Risk Car Insurance
Simas Mobil All Risk provides benefits in the form of comprehensive protection for all risks that result in losses to the insured car as stated in the insurance policy.

Simas Mobil All Risk is a comprehensive or combined guarantee so that the risks borne are numerous and can be expanded. Examples of these risks include accidents, malicious acts, theft, the risk of accidents when crossing ferries and other means of crossing that are registered with the Director General of Land Transportation.

Simas Mobil All Risk also provides benefits in the form of a crane.

Benefits of Sinar Mas Car Insurance
Number of Partner Workshops
One of the factors considered in choosing insurance for cars is the workshop partner of the insurance company. The risk of car damage can occur anywhere, so customers will be worried if the insurance company he chooses has a few repair partners.

But, you dont have to worry. Sinar Mas Car Insurance has many and scattered workshop partners. More than 500 car insurance partner workshops of Sinar Mas spread throughout Indonesia.

Benefits of Dependency Up to 12 years
Another advantage of Sinar Mas Car Insurance is the coverage period of up to 12 years. This insurance benefit is specifically for Simas Mobil TLO (Total Loss Only). Other insurance companies usually provide coverage of less than 12 years.

24 hours service
Sinar Mas Insurance provides 24-hour customer service. So, if a customer wants to make a claim or consult about Sinar Mas car insurance products, they can contact the hotline.

Crane Facilities
In the Sinar Mas all Risk car insurance, customers benefit from towing equipment for the insured car if they experience a risk and require a crane. The tow fee covered by the insurance company is a maximum of 0.5% of the total insured.

There are Product Options
Sinar Mas Insurance offers 2 Sinar Mas car insurance products that customers can choose according to their needs. These types of products are Simas Mobil TLO and Simas Mobil All Risk or Simas Mobil Joint Guarantee.

Affordable Premium
Another advantage is the amount of affordable premiums. The amount of the premium is determined and influenced by several factors according to the risk of the car being insured. Starting from IDR 34 thousand per month, you can buy a Simas car insurance policy.

Thus the discussion about What are the Benefits of Sinar Mas Car Insurance, hopefully it will be useful.

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