Want to Claim Bumiputera Insurance? Here’s How!

Want to Claim Bumi Putra Insurance? Here’s how! – If you pay attention, there are a myriad of insurance companies in the country. Isn’t he? Interestingly, there are not a few companies that have been operating for decades.

As a prospective insurance buyer, aka a potential customer in a company, you even know and learn some things related to this insurance first. So, the act of ‘original’ or directly buying insurance products without any consideration and knowledge is something wrong, and should not be spread.

Why is that? Because without enough knowledge you can just get a loss. For example, choosing the wrong company. Where, if you choose the wrong company, you will definitely get a lot of losses.

Therefore, do not be reluctant to learn first. One way that although studied is how to claim insurance. Well, one of the largest and most popular insurance companies in Indonesia is Bumi Putera insurance. Ever heard of this name?

It seems that almost everyone knows and has heard of this company’s name. This insurance company has been used by many of our people. In fact, it has become one of the companies that people trust.

He is also quite old. When choosing to buy insurance here, you must know how to claim Bumi Putera insurance. If you still don’t know, here are some ways to do it.

Company profile
Before discussing how to claim Bumi Putera’s insurance, let’s briefly discuss the company profile. This company has been in Indonesia since 1912. That means it is 100 years old. This company often makes interesting developments.

They even use a modern approach to society. Not only that, this one company even offers various types of interesting products.

How to claim Bumi Putera insurance
When going to make a claim, make sure first that you make regular premium payments. And in this company, each product has a different way of claiming. So, it must be adjusted to the product you have. This time, we will discuss just a few.

Death claim
To claim this one, it can be done by completing the files first. Such as the original or duplicate policy, then the original payment receipt of the last premium, death certificate, certificate from the police, claim submission, claim questionnaire, health certificate from doctor for the party receiving the benefit, photocopy of KK, power of attorney from the transferee rights, decrees related to guardianship, up to the decisions of heirs.

As for how to claim Bumi Putera insurance for other products, it’s almost the same. It’s just that you need to pay attention to the requirements or files that are met.

Because in an insurance company, the completeness and authenticity of evidence is a very important right. Because this will also determine whether the claim process is accepted or not. Therefore, make sure that all files are complete and really exist. Do not let anything be forgotten or left behind.

To find out other important things related to insurance, you can access our other articles. Because we’ve discussed a lot of things about insurance.

Starting from remoemdnasi a good company, how to make a purchase, tips on choosing a company, and others. So, hopefully useful. Keep learning about insurance.

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