The One and The Only Chapter 2609

She desires to deliver delivery to a son to Yash Nics by herself and skip on the family. Yash Nics hugged his spouse and comforted her softly: “Let’s go together with the drift. If you don’t get pregnant, you’ll be born next time, and you may be born once you are pregnant.

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The One and The Only Chapter 2609

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The One and The Only Chapter 2609
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The One and The Only Chapter 2609

Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: The One and The Only
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys The One and The Only:

The wind stops and the rain rests. Everything back to calm. It didn’t take lengthy for Yash Nics to talk softly to Song Pingting once more inside the room. Song Pingting whispered: “Husband, I’ve been considering having some other baby. I don’t recognize if I could be pregnant this time.” Song Pingting become pregnant with a second child lengthy in the past. But there was an twist of fate that triggered a miscarriage. Song Pingting became hit tough bodily and mentally. As she were given out of the mental haze and her body become completely healed, she turned into very eager to be pregnant with any other toddler.

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