The One and The Only Chapter 2606

Tong Ke and Sophia had been secretly competing. Both of them have a mystery overwhelm on Yash Nics, and additionally they recognize that each other is secretly in love with Yash Nics, so that they each look at each different uncomfortably and hostile each other privately. However, now that the 2 see Yash Nics and Song Pingting so in love with each other, a faint sorrow all of sudden rises in their hearts and realizes that they can’t have whatever to do with Yash Nics in this existence. This is the end of my thoughts.

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The One and The Only Chapter 2606

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The One and The Only Chapter 2606
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The One and The Only Chapter 2606

Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: The One and The Only
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys The One and The Only:

Seeing Yash Nics’s safe return today, she turned into overjoyed. She cooked herself and cooked Yash Nics’s preferred home-cooked dishes. It in order that took place that today was the weekend, and Sophia additionally returned from school at some stage in dinner. A large organization of people sat down and ate fortuitously. During the meal, Song Pingting kept including vegetables to Yash Nics. Yash Nics and Song Pingting raised their eyebrows collectively. When Song Pingting turned into picking vegetables for him, the couple looked at every different and smiled. No one ought to see their affection. Originally, at some stage in this era of time,

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