Some of the Causes of Failed to Submit an Insurance Claim

Some of the causes of failed insurance claims submission – Everyone must have a different level of worry. For those who have big enough worries, they will usually buy insurance products.

Be it life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, or other insurance products. This is done to minimize financial losses in the future. Unfortunately, there are still some of our people who buy insurance products only with the capital involved.

When in fact, buying insurance products must be based on the right purpose, and learn some important things about insurance rules. Because this knowledge will provide useful things in the future.

One of them is that your insurance claim submission is accepted by the company. Especially considering that there are still quite a lot of our people who do not know what are the causes of the failure of submitting insurance claims made by the customer.

Therefore, it is very important to know these causes, so that your application will be accepted by the company. For those who are curious, the following are some of the reasons why customers fail to submit insurance claims.

The cause of the failure of the customer to submit an insurance claim
In general, there are many reasons or reasons why the customer failed to submit an insurance claim. In this article, we will only discuss some of the causes. Before discussing what the causes are, you need to realize that the difficulty of making an insurance claim is not without reason.

Because this has been stated in the agreement between the company and the customer and there is a law that is bound between the two.

So that the company certainly cannot arbitrarily reject claims against submissions made by the customer. Here are some reasons why your insurance claim was rejected by the company

First the police are not active
Submission of insurance claims is only accepted by the company when the policy is active. When you make a claim while politics is inactive or lapse, the company will not be responsible for all the losses you receive.

Therefore, pay the entire premium in accordance with the specified time, or at least until the end of the grace period.

Both clauses are not covered in the insurance coverage clause
In simple terms, the reason for the rejection of this insurance claim is because there are several conditions that are not quite right. For example, a total loss only car insurance claim, which has provided a requirement that car damage will only be assisted by the company when the damage/loss is at least 70%, 75%, or 80%.

So, when the car you have has damage that does not reach the presentation threshold set by the company, then the claim is certain to fail. Therefore, make sure that the claims made are in accordance with the existing provisions.

The three submissions of cloth that have passed the specified time. Usually, the insurance company has determined how long it will take to file a claim from the incident. That means you even file a claim before the allotted time runs out.

For example, even if a motorcycle insurance claim is taken care of as soon as possible because the time limit given is 3 * 24 hours.

Apart from the reasons above, there are many other causes. Such as incomplete documents, still in the waiting period,* advances including exceptions, policyholders breaking the law, and so on. Here’s a quick look at the causes of claim rejection, hopefully it’s useful

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