Reasons for the Failed Insurance Claim Process

Reasons for the Failed Insurance Claim Process – Did you know that in the insurance world there is such a thing as an ‘insurance claim’. The meaning of claim here is the same as the meaning of claim in general. However, there are various things that must be fulfilled, including a number of important files.

The most unfortunate thing is, the claim process made by the customer can fail. And the potential is quite high. And maybe, this is a frightening specter for most prospective insurance customers in a company.

But don’t worry, because when you know what the cause of the failure was, then your claim process might be successful. Why is that? Because when you find out what are the reasons for the failure of the claim process, you will try to avoid these things, right? For that, you can see some of the following reasons.

Insurance claims
Knowledge about what causes the disbursement process to fail is important for every prospective customer to know. Because if it’s not accepted or rejected, it’s really sad right? Therefore, consider the following important reasons.

Incomplete file
The first reason is incomplete files. As a customer, you are aware that in the claim process, there are many files that must be prepared.

And each product requires a different file. Starting from life insurance products, health, vehicles, and so on.

The police are not active
In general, this inactive policy is caused by payment arrears. Otherwise, you don’t pay the premium you deserve. So, if you want the claim to be successful, pay the premium according to the time agreed at the beginning. Don’t be late.

Claims submitted are not covered in the dependent clause
When making a product purchase, there are several insurance coverages purchased. And each of these coverages must be considered. For example, you buy a vehicle insurance product that is TLO. Which, this product will only provide compensation costs when the damage to your vehicle is above 70 percent.

Or, 80 percent, depending on the company. Then, when the vehicle is slightly scratched, you then file a claim. If this is the case, the fix is ​​rejected. Because the damage does not meet the percentage of damage purchased. Do you understand?

Submission of the claim has exceeded the specified time
In buying insurance products, make sure you take note of how long the time is determined by the company regarding the submission of the claim. Is it 3×24 hours, 2×24 hours, or something else. Because when the application exceeds the available time, it will definitely be rejected.

Hiding disease
For the next reason, the customer or policy owner hides the disease when buying a claim.

Apparently, this can also make the company reject the claim submitted. Although it turned out, the waiting period had passed. So, make sure that you are in good health when buying insurance products. Whatever insurance product is purchased.

Breaking the law
As mentioned above, that insurance products are related to the law. And when the policy holder is proven to have violated the law, the claim process will be immediately rejected.

For example, even if you have car insurance, be it all risk car insurance or TLO, the company will not bear the claim, or have the right to refuse the claim. Whether it’s when the policy owner is reckless, commits a crime, or something else.

How about you, do you understand? So, those are some of the reasons why filing an insurance claim can fail. Make sure that you avoid all of these things. I hope this helps.

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