My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 614-615

However, Elliot’s long arms have been lazily draped round her waist, and a malicious smile crept on his face.
“Elliot, allow me move,” Anastasia complained softly.
“If you don’t display me your love, I won’t permit move,” stated Elliot with a smirk.
“What do you imply? You’re sincerely unreasonable now and again.

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 614-615

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 614-615
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

” Anastasia had enough of him. How should he just say such things as that out of simple air?
“It’s both you kiss me, or I kiss you. Pick one.”
Did it make a distinction? Wasn’t she going to be kissed in the long run? What a canny businessman he
“Neither. I want to go out to devour something delicious.” After Anastasia finished speaking, she were given up forcibly.
Elliot sat up along with her, but inside the subsequent 2nd, the two fell at the couch another time. This time, Anastasia became under Elliot.
“You…” Anastasia notion Elliot changed into a nasty guy.
“I won’t give up till I reap my purpose,” said Elliot before kissing her purple lips.


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