My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 608-609

This sentence became undoubtedly like a sharp sword stabbing into Hayley’s chest. She underwent surgical treatment to look like the girl he appreciated, but alternatively, he informed her that he didn’t need to look her once more.
“Elliot…” Hayley stood up and chased after him, but she was stopped by means of maids. “Please live right here, Miss Seymour.”

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 608-609

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 608-609
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

Hayley’s heart fell into an abyss at this moment. Elliot’s mind-set showed her that regardless of what she did, he handiest loved Anastasia.
In order to make Anastasia happy, he didn’t allow her to go into the hall even though she had already come all of the manner to Presgrave Residence. Anastasia would be the protagonist tonight, while she turned into going to suffer from humiliation all alone.
When she back to the sofa, a strong feeling of resentment flashed in Hayley’s eyes. Anastasia being alive become her greatest pain.
In the primary hall. Anastasia did no longer know that Hayley was additionally there. Harriet took her to a quiet lounge and defined the reality approximately how Elliot have been stored back then with out holding returned..
Back then, the state of affairs changed into complex, and it in reality gave her mother strain to shop the hostage. In Elliot’s case, but, she sacrificed herself and pounced on


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