My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 602-603

“Come right here, Anastasia. Take a seat,” she invited gently.
With that. Anastasia took the seat subsequent to her. Harriet looked at her with guilt and apology “Didn’t you deliver Jared with you?”
“Jared went to my father’s vicinity.”
“Oh! I quite like that baby. He’s so lovable.” Whenever Harriet notion of the kid, she right away noticed younger Elliot in him.

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 602-603

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 602-603
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

Just then, the housekeeper asked to speak to Elliot outside.
“Young Master Elliot, I have something to tell you. Miss Hayley is right here.”
Elliot’s face right now darkened. “Who allow her in?”
“Miss Hayley become the earliest to arrive, however I don’t understand who knowledgeable her,” the housekeeper uttered helplessly.
There turned into a hint of coolness that flashed in Elliot’s eyes. Who was the only who obtained the statistics and relayed it to Hayley? There became only one individual who knew about it, and that was his personal assistant, Daniel.
It appeared that Hayley even had the approach to buy records from people around him.
“Where is she?” Elliot questioned indifferently.
“She’s on the tea residence inside the lawn and hasn’t been invited to the hall yet. Do you want to look her?”


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