My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 572-573

“Weren’t you intoxicated? How did you realize it became Hayley that night?” Anastasia wondered out of curiosity. .
“I gave her an eye fixed afterward. She determined me thru the watch.”
“What sort of watch is it?”
“It is one among my custom-made watches. There is simplest one in all it within the world, and it changed into in Hayleys palms. She took it as a pawn within the 2d-hand market in March this year, and that’s how I
determined her.”

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 572-573

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 572-573
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

Anastasia couldn’t assist however silently mocked herself. How should they both experience the equal thing, but Hayley received Elliot’s materialistic compensation and apology even as she wasn’t so lucky? The host she met became selfish and ruthless. He changed into blinded through greed, didn’t repent his mistakes, and even dared to threaten her!
That made her desperate to discover that b*stard and see what sort of nasty appearance he had. Even although he regarded ashamed that night time or even presented his watch to her, she would never forgive him.
“Anastasia, I think you need to recognize Hayley higher than I do. Why do you think she burned the server room?” Elliot inquired.
Shaking her head, she spoke back, “I’m afraid only Hayley knows the answer.”
Since the host existed and even tried to threaten Anastasia earlier than, she in no way concept approximately the possibility that Hayley had replaced her, nor did she realise that the b*stard become sitting right in the front of her


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