My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 548-549

However, whilst the case changed into carried out to Anastasia, she didn’t find them harmless in any respect. Alice was vicious woman, even as Jacqueline didn’t recognize a way to draw a line. As if it wasn’t sufficient for her to scouse borrow Anastasia’s paintings as her personal, she even needed to betray Anastasia!

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 548-549

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 548-549
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

If it weren’t for Elliot’s help this time, it might were hard for Anastasia to discover evidence of Alice’s theft, no longer to mention the reality that Savill Jewelry Atelier had been helping Alice in secret. Anastasia confronted the hazard of getting kicked out of the design enterprise and turning into a funny story a few of the public. How cruel turned into that to her?
“Felicia, I assume Alice is simply too formidable and is always locating ways to update you. There’s no need — to pity her,” Anastasia uttered disapprovingly.
She remembered the kind acts of those who handled her well, however she could not pity people who dealt with her badly.
“You’re proper, Alice merits to be punished. Those who have spoken unwell of you inside the business enterprise at the moment are terrified. They’ve underestimated President Presgrave’s love for you.”
Anastasia immediately felt warmth filling her chest. Only those concerned were greater emotional.
“I understand, and I’m grateful for what he has performed for me.”


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