My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 524-525

Hayley become stunned by way of his rejection, and whilst she noticed him take hold of his phone off the coffee desk, she demanded, “Are you leaving?”
Needless to say, Elliot had already figured out the true reason she asked him to return over, and if seduction changed into all she had planned for tonight, he didn’t suppose he had to live right here a moment longer. “If you’re lonely

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 524-525

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 524-525
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

 and dying for organization, you’re welcome to convey domestic any man you need,” he mentioned sardonically before he turned to go for the door.
You’re the best one I like, Elliot! Can’t you just stay with me for an evening? I’ll come up with some thing you want!” Hayley cried as she shamelessly and desperately chased after him.
However, Elliot had alrcady slid into his car and closed the door. Hayley hurtled closer to him, however simply as she was about to attain the door, he sponsored out of the driveway easily and sped off into the night, leaving her shivering within the cold breeze,
The fur coat on het stored her heat, however there was no thawing of the icicles that pierced her heart following his harsh rejection
The courage she had summoned just to undergo with the plastic surgery changed into keen on naught; Elliot wasn’t inspired via her new face at all, nor did he glance at it for even longer than a few seconds.


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