My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 456-457

The next 2d, she noticed Aliona emerge from the lounge before she accompanied the 2 guards towards the elevators. At as soon as, Anastasia’s stomach churned. What the hell? Did Aliona drug him?
A fiery rage seized Anastasia as she moved quickly over to the elevator foyer, in which she noticed that the elevator Aliona and her henchmen had probably taken had stopped at the 15th floor. The ceremonial dinner corridor wherein

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 456-457

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 456-457
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

 the public sale changed into being held was on the eighth, which meant there have been an excellent seven flooring that got in the manner of Anastasia’s rescue undertaking.
She pressed the button on the panel again and again, but no elevator came down for her. As of now, the only aspect that flooded her mind were thoughts of the way Aliona changed into close to claiming Elliot as her personal.
Anastasia couldn’t pretty understand wherein her sudden possessiveness become coming from, however she was adamant to maintain her guy far from different ladies’s clutches. With that in mind, she turned into even more determined to go up and forestall Aliona from doing anything despicable to Elliot. What the hell is inaccurate with Elliot? Why does he maintain getting drugged? Isn’t it terrible sufficient that he had slept with Hayley by chance five years ago? Now, he’s approximately to fall sufferer to Aliona!


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