My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 416-417

Anastasia frowned. She discovered it atypical that the person claimed he had not anything to live for on one hand while refusing her cash on the other, and odrler nevertheless became how someone so heaten down insisted she live far from Elliot. He truly wasn’t making any experience.
In the cease, the person’s greed were given the better of him as he stated, “Fine, cord me the money!”

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 416-417

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 416-417
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

“I’ll hand you the cardboard with the money in it in case you come over individually to retrieve it,” Anastasia countered stubbornly.
“Trying to trap me out, I see. Hah! I’m no fool, Anastasia. I recognise you’re seeking to set me up to get stuck! Save your strength and don’t bother seeking to trap me; you won’t succeed. Stay away from Elliot in case you recognise what’s exact for you, you listen?”
With that, the person hung up.
Anastasia stared at her telephone as she contemplated on their conversation. She couldn’t help thinking why the person so stubbornly demanded that she stay far from Elliot. Does he endure a grudge towards Elliot?
More to the point, the person had discovered that she was, certainly, looking to trap him out into the mild by using the use of money as bait.


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