My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 402-403

Soon after, every other name got here in. It become Rey this time. With that, Elliot pressed the answer button at the steering wheel and drove away.
“President, I’ve got news from the Abyss Club. We’ve controlled to hint the cellphone name to an deal with, but what’s odd is that it’s from Summit Mansion.”

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 402-403

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My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 402-403
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Authors: Anonymous
Genres: Adventure & Action
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Title: My Baby’s Daddy
Status: Ongoing

Synopsys My Baby’s Daddy:

Elliot’s brows furrowed lightly upon listening to Rey’s information. “Isn’t that the region wherein Hayley lives?”
“Yes, sir! It’s precisely where you obtain Miss Seymour’s mansion. The range originated from that region.”
“Can you get more statistics other than that?”
“The range isn’t registered, and the SIM card changed into offered illegally. Hence, we can simplest music where the decision had come from. I’ll test Summit Mansion’s surveillance subsequent. It’s an upscale mansion network, in any case. Surely there may be cameras everywhere. I’d want to locate this guy.”
“Sure! Go beforehand!” Likewise, Elliot wanted to hunt down the person that had destroyed the server room.
He had to get to the bottom of this regardless of what; he misplaced the truth to Anastasia’s misfortune 5 years in the past because of this person, and it hindered him from finding that b*stard.
Daniel confirmed up in Hayley’s mansion hours later, and his jaw dropped upon seeing the woman swirling a pitcher of red wine at the couch.


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