How to File a Mobile Phone Insurance Claim That Can Be Noticed

How to submit a cell phone insurance claim that can be considered- One of the insurance products that many Indonesians choose is cellphone insurance. This may be because the cell phone itself has become one of the needs that is quite important to pay attention to.

Especially considering that there have been so many jobs or business businesses that have been carried out only with a cellphone. Not even a few of our people are willing to spend a lot of their money just to have the best cellphone, then provide the best protection against it.

This insurance product is one of the products that may be quite foreign in some circles. Because in general, our society only knows health insurance, life insurance, and also vehicle insurance.

However, this insurance product still attracts the attention of many people in various circles. Especially among business people and students.

If you pay attention not all insurance companies offer this one product. So you even look for companies that do offer these products. For more information, see how to claim smartphone insurance below.

How to claim smartphone insurance
Smartphone insurance is insurance that will protect your cellphone from various kinds of risks that will occur later. As for examples of these risks, the screen is broken, the phone unit is damaged as a whole, the screen is cracked, and so on.

Like vehicle insurance in general, smartphone insurance is also divided into two types. The first type is full protection insurance which will provide protection against all kinds of risks of cell phone damage caused by liquids or other actions.

While the second is screen protection insurance which will provide protection to your cellphone screen from the risk of a cracked screen caused by accidental things.

It is very easy to make an insurance claim yourself. Therefore, there is no need to worry about having difficulties in filing a claim later. Then how?

The first submission via the application or site. The first way to claim smartphone insurance is by submitting the claim through the application or official insurance site owned by the company you are using. This submission will provide protection or compensation for your cellphone.

If so, you can continue by following each claim submission instruction in accordance with the procedures established by the insurance company. This claim can be accepted or rejected by the company.

Therefore, try to provide accurate information so that the gender is approved by the company. Now when the application is approved by the company, your cellphone will be repaired by one of the official service centers owned by the insurance company.

In terms of insurance, the official service center is referred to as an insurance company partner company. With these methods, your phone will be repaired for at least a week. So it can be reused as usual.

The price of smartphone insurance is certainly priced at a price that is not so expensive, especially when compared to other insurance products. Therefore, if almost all of your activities require a cell phone, it never hurts to buy this insurance product.

Because by doing so, your cellphone will be protected, aka it will be much safer than without insurance. Thus a glimpse of how to claim smartphone insurance even though it is considered. May be useful.

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