Getting to know BRI Bank Loan Insurance: Prospective Customers Need to Know

Get to know BRI Bank Loan Insurance- When you apply for a loan to BRI Bank, you may have been asked about insurance. From the bancassurance innovation or cooperation between the bank and the insurance company.

So, now BRI bank also offers insurance when you want to borrow money at the bank. Not only BRI bank, almost all banks have now implemented Bancassurance. The insurance that BRI offers can be in the form of health insurance products, life insurance, and others.

Well, what’s interesting now is that there is BRI Bank loan insurance. What is BRI Bank loan insurance? Here’s the explanation.

Definition of Loan Insurance
Loan insurance or credit insurance is one type of insurance that guarantees the lender (creditor) in the event of an unexpected event or risk that causes the customer/borrower (debtor) to default.

In this case, the lender or creditor is the bank. While the debtor or borrower is a customer who applies for a loan to a bank. The risk in question is an event that can cause the customer to be unable to repay the loan.

Loan insurance provides benefits to the bank and the customer. The bank will be protected from default on the loan. And the customer will be protected from unpaid loan debt.

The benefits of this loan insurance can be felt if the customer has an accident that causes disability or even dies. So that the customer is no longer able to pay the loan.

BRI Bank Loan Insurance
BRI bank loan insurance is insurance that guarantees the BRI Bank in the event of a risk that causes the customer as the debtor to no longer be able to pay the loan. The BRI bank will offer a number of insurance products.

Generally, BRI Bank loan insurance is similar to life insurance products. In it there is an insured money in case of things that are not desirable. For example, an accident that causes a customer to be disabled or dies.

Bank BRI insurance premiums are actually combined with the number of installments. So, the amount of loan installments to Bank BRI has a larger number. The amount of the premium depends on the insurance product and the amount of the loan.

Not only that, the loan tenor can also affect the premium. The nature of this insurance is not mandatory. This means that BRI bank customers can activate this facility or not.

BRI Bank Loan Insurance Benefits
The benefits that can be felt from BRI Bank loan insurance are as follows.

Sum insured
If a BRI bank customer dies due to an accident or other cause. Then the customer will get the sum assured as stated on the policy. The amount of the sum insured depends on the rules of each BRI bank insurance product.

If the customer dies, the remaining loan in the bank will be considered paid off. Because it is covered by the insurance claim fund. If there is any left over, it will usually be given to the heirs.

Benefits of Hospitalization Benefits
Bank BRI insurance also provides benefits for inpatient compensation for its customers. The amount varies depending on the insurance product. The funds come from insurance premiums that have been collected or according to the provisions of the policy.

Operating Cost Compensation
Not only that, BRI Bank loan insurance also offers the benefit of operating expense compensation if the customer has a health problem and needs surgery.

Permanent Physical Disability Compensation
Permanent physical disability compensation will be given to the insured if the remaining loan is still there.

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