Best Honda Motorcycle Insurance Recommendation 2022

Best Honda Motorcycle Insurance Recommendation 2022 – Motor vehicles are one of the properties that must be insured. Because these valuables have a big enough risk, especially when used on busy highways.

Because the nominal is not cheap, motorized vehicles are also often the object of theft. Well, to minimize these risks, you can buy an insurance policy for motor vehicles.

Insurance for motor vehicles is divided into 2, namely all risk motor vehicle insurance and TLO (Total Loss Only) motor vehicle insurance.

All types of motorized vehicles are better insured to avoid things that are not desirable, including for Honda brand motorcycles. Here are the best Honda motorcycle insurance recommendations for 2022.

Best Honda Motorcycle Insurance Recommendation 2022
Motor Protection (Lippo Insurance)
Lippo Insurance produces insurance products for Honda motorcycles and other motorcycles. Motor protection provides a guarantee against the risk of loss and damage that occurs while driving.

The type of motor vehicle insurance for motor protection is TLO (Total Loss Only) insurance. This insurance also provides other benefits such as protection against the risk of accidents, riots, riots, strikes, terrorism, sabotage, natural disasters, and third party liability.

Simas Motor (Sinar Mas Insurance)
The next Honda motorcycle insurance recommendation is Simas Motor from Sinar Mas insurance. With its popularity in the field of vehicle insurance, Sinar Mas insurance offers Simas Motor insurance products with Total Loss Only (TLO) protection.

To buy this insurance policy your vehicle must be under 10 years old.

Avrist General
Avrist General is a recommended Honda motorcycle insurance that you can buy. This insurance offers a comprehensive motor vehicle protection guarantee. The benefits are in the form of repair costs for damage and compensation.

The protection includes the risk of accidents, malicious acts, theft, theft, and other risks based on the provisions stated in the policy.

Motopro Motorcycle (Adira Insurance)
Adira Insurance through its Motor motopro product guarantees TLO protection to its customers. There are 2 types of packages offered by Adira, namely standard and complete motorcycle insurance packages (motorpro plus).

Standard motor insurance provides benefits in the form of compensation for total losses. Meanwhile, motorpro plus insurance provides TLO guarantee benefits for Honda motorcycles and riders in the form of personal accident insurance, medical expenses, and natural disasters.

Garda Motor (Astra Insurance)
Asuransi Astra is also not left behind in providing the best products for its customers. One of them is Garda Motor’s product. This insurance also provides TLO (Total Loss Only) insurance with a repair fee of 75% or loss due to theft.

Another benefit provided by Garda Motor products is protection against the risk of motors entering or participating in ferry boats.

If you need insurance that offers all risk and TLO benefits, you can use Honda motorcycle insurance from Simoda insurance. This insurance provides complete combined protection (all risk). And protection with a total repair cost of 75% (TLO).

Not only Simoda insurance, Allianz also offers Honda all risk and TLO motorcycle insurance. All risk motorcycle insurance provides comprehensive protection and TLO insurance provides 75% protection.

To determine the premium, Allianz considers the customer’s area. There are 3 determination areas, namely Region 1 for Sumatra and its surroundings, Region 2 for Jakarta, West Java, and Banten, and Region 3 for areas that do not include these 2 regions.

That’s a glimpse of the Best Honda Motorcycle Insurance Recommendation 2022, hopefully it’s useful.

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