Best Dental Insurance Recommendation 2022

Best Dental Insurance Recommendation 2022 – We know how important health is. So many people buy insurance policies to get health protection. For example, insurance coverage for dental health.

Dental health protection in insurance includes treatment of sick teeth, cleaning of tartar, and treatment of teeth that have problems. You can get dental health insurance benefits by buying a health insurance policy or special dental insurance.

Dental insurance combined with health insurance provides limited benefits. While special dental insurance provides more benefits. So that it can solve problems and protect our teeth well. Here are the best dental insurance recommendations for 2022.

Best Dental Insurance Recommendation 2022
Manulife Dental Insurance
PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia (Manulife Indonesia) presents a variety of insurance products, one of which is health insurance plus protection for teeth. Manulife dental insurance acts as rider insurance (additional benefit) on Manulife health insurance products.

The benefits of Manulife dental insurance are the cost of dental care, dental implants, prevention costs, prostheses, and dental crown costs.

BPJS Health
In accordance with the regulations, BPJS Kesehatan also provides dental protection services. The benefits of BPJS Health are examination, treatment, and consultation related to dental health.

Other benefits include pre-medication, post-extraction treatment, oro-dental emergencies, easy extraction of primary and permanent teeth, composite fillings, GIC fillings, and tartar cleaning.

Allianz . Dental Insurance
Allianz offers health and rider insurance in the form of dental health insurance. The benefits of Allianz dental insurance are complex dental care, basic teeth, dentures, preventive care a maximum of 2 visits per year, and emergency dental care due to an accident.

AXA Insurance
Axa Mandiri Insurance provides additional benefits in the form of guarantees for dental health protection. Through exclusive Asia international health insurance products, Axa Mandiri provides protection benefits against the risk of tooth decay due to accidents.

This insurance also provides complete health benefits. Best of all, the policy can be used both domestically and abroad.

In insurance for employees, Prudential offers dental insurance benefits with dental accident coverage as billed. Other additional benefits include basic dental care, preventive care, dental repair coverage, gum care coverage, and so on.

Inhealth Mandiri Insurance
Mandiri Inhealth Insurance provides riders with dental insurance with the benefits of tartar cleaning, dental crowns and bridges, and special surgical procedures. This product is included in the employee’s health insurance policy.

Personal Insurance
Jagadiri dental insurance is dental insurance that specifically provides benefits for dental health. This insurance is suitable for those of you who already have health insurance and want the benefits of dental protection.

Jagadiri’s dental insurance coverage covers dental conservation costs, dental care costs including dentures and dental implants due to an accident within 48 hours after the accident, tartar cleaning costs, tooth extraction costs, and doctor’s consultations.

Chubb Insurance
This Chubb dental insurance policy is specifically for BNI credit card customers (bancasurrance). This dental insurance offers benefits in the form of compensation for dental emergency costs such as pain, swelling, or bleeding.

Then the cost of prevention such as oral examination, cleaning, or application of fluoride. Chubb Insurance also provides compensation benefits for dental radiology, tooth extraction, and root canal treatment.

Those are some of the Best Dental Insurance Recommendations for 2022 that are worth trying and considering.

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