8 Sharia Life Insurance Recommendations

8 Recommendations for Sharia Life Insurance – Sharia life insurance is a type of life insurance based on Islamic law in its operations. This type of insurance is based on the principle of mutual help among participants.

Please help with this by collecting participant contributions to the Tabarru Fund. Well, if you are interested in buying a sharia life insurance policy. The following are recommendations for sharia life insurance.

8 Sharia Life Insurance Recommendations
JMA Syariah Life Insurance
JMA Syariah Insurance provides 5 plans to insurance participants, namely JMA Ilma, JMA Mumtaza, JMA Asyifa, JMA Salama, and JMA Aghnia. The JMA Ilma product provides benefits in the form of death compensation in the form of education funds.

JMA mumtaza is a life insurance as well as old age savings. Then JMA Asyifa in the form of life insurance plus health benefits.

JMA Salama benefits in the form of death compensation of up to Rp. 10 million. And JMA Aghnia provides life benefits, meaning that if the customer lives until the policy ends, the funds will be given as investment funds.

Sharia AIA
AIA sharia in its product, namely AIA Sakinah Assurance offers sharia life insurance products with death benefits and underwriting surplus. The insurance coverage period is 70 years and can be extended up to 80 years.

Githa’s trust
PT Asuransi Jiwa Syariah Amanah Githa presents a unit-linked sharia insurance product, namely Amar Invest Link. In this product, Amanah Githa offers death benefits and investment funds. The coverage period for this product is 70 years.

Sharia Generali
Generali Indonesia offers Generali sharia products with the iSALAAM policy. The policy provides a death benefit of up to Rp 100 million. Generali Syariah coverage period is 99 years.

If the Generali Syariah insurance participant is still alive to exceed the age of 99 years, he will get the blessing of 99. The advantage of the iSALAAM policy is that the premium paid is cheap and affordable.

BNI Life Syariah
BNI Life Syariah is no less superior in offering sharia insurance products. One of its products is Blife Ekawarsah Syariah. This policy is a pure sharia life insurance product without any investment. Premium payments are made once for a policy period of 1 year.

Manulife is indeed one of the leading insurance companies in Indonesia. Through Manulife sharia, this company presents the sharia life insurance product, MiSmart Insurance Solution Syariah.

This product offers death benefits, underwriting surplus, health insurance, and policy extension until the insurance participant reaches 110 years of age. There is also a 50% loyalty bonus given at the 10th year and 700% at the end of the 25th policy.

Axa Mandiri Sharia Insurance
The next recommendation for sharia life insurance is Mandiri Syariah Prosperous Protection from Axa Mandiri Syariah Insurance. This policy offers benefits in the form of death benefit, investment cash value, acquisition ujrah benefit in the first year, policy extension up to 100 years, and loyalty benefits.

Family Takaful Life Insurance
Takaful Keluarga life insurance offers a variety of sharia life insurance products, one of which is the Al Khairat Individual policy. Family Takaful offers a death benefit of 100% if the customer dies due to an accident or not.

Al Khairat Individual Life Insurance Contribution Funds are very affordable, starting from IDR 250 thousand per year. With an affordable contribution fund, it is possible for everyone to buy this insurance policy.

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